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Sand Casting Unveiled: Plymouth Foundry’s Expertise

Sand Casting Unveiled: Plymouth Foundry’s Expertise

As described in the article “Sand casting” by Hao Hou, sand casting is a versatile technique for creating casting models using materials like wood, plastic, or even products from Rapid Prototyping techniques. The process begins by placing the product model on a mold plate within a molding box, which is then filled with specialized sand. Vibration and compression ensure the sand takes the desired shape, and after smoothing the top, the mold is carefully removed.

This meticulous process is repeated for the second molding box, creating openings for pouring the liquid material (pouring tap) and allowing air to escape (riser). Once the filled mold cools, the cast product emerges, albeit with excess material at the pouring spigot and riser, which is subsequently removed, usually by sawing.

While this represents the basic sand mold casting process, it often employs cores to direct the cast material precisely. Notably, the sand used isn’t ordinary; it’s a clay-bound molding sand or a mix of synthetic resin for superior cohesion, ensuring the mold cavity remains intact during handling.

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Article with all rights reserved, courtesy of Hao Hou via LinkedIn.