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Plymouth Foundry Turning Insights: Exploration into Machining 101

In the insightful article “Machining 101: What is Turning?” by MMS Online, we delve into the fundamental process of turning—a machining technique using lathes to remove material from the outer diameter of a rotating workpiece. Highlighting the significance of CNC lathes with constant surface speed control, we emphasize the flexibility offered to operators in choosing surface speed, with automatic rpm adjustments during the cutting tool’s traversal across different diameters.

The evolution of turning tools, from solid high-speed steel to modern carbide, is explored. While high-speed steel tools remain common on older turning machines, carbide has gained popularity for its superior wear resistance and hardness, contributing to enhanced productivity and tool life. The article also addresses the challenges of carbide, such as higher costs and the need for expertise in resharpening.

We unravel the intricacies of speeds and feeds in turning, elucidating how cutting speed and feed rate impact metal removal rates and surface finishes. The importance of adjusting the feed rate based on the operation’s purpose, whether roughing or finish turning, is underscored.

The article concludes with an exploration of the basics of tool geometry, focusing on the top rake angle’s influence on cutting effectiveness. We shed light on how top rake angles vary with workpiece materials, emphasizing the importance of adapting geometries for optimal performance.

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Photo and article with all rights reserved, courtesy of mmsonline.com