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Plymouth Foundry: Redefines Tapping Tools – A Look at the Innovations

Plymouth Foundry: Redefines Tapping Tools – A Look at the Innovations

As highlighted in the article “Expanding Beyond Legacy Tapping Products,” the world of tapping tools is undergoing a significant transformation. Recent innovations are pushing the boundaries of what these tools can achieve.

One notable addition to the toolkit is the DeBurr-Z, a deburring toolholder designed for use in CNC machining centers. It introduces a unique feature by floating in the Z-axis. This capability allows it to work in compression when deburring the top edges of a workpiece and in extension for deburring the underside. Operators can also fine-tune the force settings to accommodate different materials and cut depths. The DeBurr-Z is versatile, accepting various burrs and chamfer tools.

This shift towards CNC machine tool-based deburring offers consistent results, even on workpieces with less-defined edges, such as castings or in cross-hole applications. Moreover, it liberates operators to focus on more critical tasks, enhancing overall efficiency.

Another exciting development is the introduction of marking tools designed for CNC lathes, machining centers, and manual machines. The ScribeWriter Force II, for instance, utilizes a carbide stylus to mark materials with hardness up to 62 HRC. It offers adaptability to axial surface variations and features an adjustable force setting. For rotating applications, the TapWriter, a dot peen marking tool, generates over 80 characters per minute in various materials, including aerospace-grade 55 HRC steel.

Additionally, tapping head lines continue to evolve. The Drill-n-Tap, designed for drill press-type applications, eliminates the need for multiple chucks with its self-reversing functionality, quick-change chuck, and thrust bearing design.

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