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Plymouth Foundry: Mastering Machining – Insights on Turning Tools

Plymouth Foundry: Mastering Machining – Insights on Turning Tools

In the comprehensive exploration titled “TURNING TOOLS” from MMS Online, this article offers valuable insights into the world of turning tools, a crucial component of the machining process. Turning, a technique where the workpiece spins instead of the tool, involves a fixed and non-rotating cutter. The significance of turning tools is highlighted, typically comprising a replaceable insert in a turning tool body.

The replaceable insert in turning tools varies in shape, material, coating, and geometry. Shapes like round, diamond-shaped, square, or octagonal are chosen based on specific requirements. The material predominantly used is carbide, although more demanding applications may call for ceramic, cermet, or diamond inserts. The article emphasizes the role of protective coatings in enhancing the speed and longevity of these inserts.

Building on the fundamentals, the article provides a brief recap of turning in machining, where a lathe is employed to remove material from the outside of a rotating workpiece. Additionally, it touches on the similarity with boring, which involves the removal of material from the inside of a rotating workpiece.

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