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Plymouth Foundry: Demystifying CNC Turning – Insights into the Art of Rotation

Plymouth Foundry: Demystifying CNC Turning – Insights into the Art of Rotation

In the informative article “What is CNC Turning?” by ThomasNet, we explore the intricate world of CNC turning—a machining method revolutionized by computer numerical control (CNC). This process involves a CNC lathe machine strategically feeding a cutting tool along the rotating workpiece’s surface, meticulously shaping cylindrical parts with external and internal features.

CNC turning excels in creating cylindrical components with precision, offering operational capabilities such as boring, facing, grooving, and thread cutting. Unlike CNC milling, which suits complex parts, CNC turning, with its rotating workpieces and stationary cutting tools, is ideal for the rapid and accurate production of round parts.

To master CNC lathe operation, machinists undergo specialized training programs covering essential aspects like command codes, translating CAD files, tool selection, and adherence to safety protocols. Emphasizing the importance of safety throughout the training process is a key consideration.

The CNC turning process relies on CNC-enabled lathes, including turret lathes, engine lathes, and special-purpose lathes. Various turning techniques, such as straight turning, taper turning, spherical generation, grooving, parting, knurling, and threading, cater to diverse manufacturing needs.

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