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For the better part of a century Plymouth Foundry has been providing General Machining services to customers throughout the United States. Because the machining facility is fully equipped, Plymouth also has the ability to handle all custom components as well. Both Custom and General components machining needs are done under one roof.

Many of the projects that Plymouth Foundry are given require common materials that include, gray iron and ductile iron sand castings, bronze, brass, alloy steels, aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel. In-house equipment also gives them the ability to process specialty materials that include, plastic, nylon, and fiberglass reinforced plastic.

Plymouth knows that the right equipment is needed to get the job done right, within budget, and on time. Using equipment such as, 3- and 4-axis CNC machines and manual machines to meet the various needs, custom machining and or general machining, gives Plymouth Foundry the ability to meet those needs. Plymouth not only specializes in machining part castings, flat sheet and bar stock are also machined as well.

Another piece of equipment that is used, is the Brown & Sharpe CMM system. All of these machines are used for precision, this takes the guess work out verifying the dimensions of parts that require customized specifications.

OEM’s are among many other customers that rely on Plymouth’s one-stop casting and customizable machining services to drastically reduce the overall cost and development time of projects. Those other customers come from industries that include, rail, truck, construction, pump, energy, mining, and prototype automotive.

To add value, Plymouth employs highly trained and experienced division managers to closely monitor machining operations such as, turning (up to 24” in diameter), milling, drilling, broaching, grinding. This helps to ensure that all projects are executed as smoothly as possible and always keep the customer updated on a project’s status.

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