Specifications for Machining & Turning Services

For the better part of a century, Plymouth Foundry has been providing Machining and Turning services. All of our general and custom machining components services are performed under one roof. We have the ability to provide these various machining services with many different materials.

Construction MachineryEngineered PlumbingEnginesGearsHydraulicsImpellers
Industrial MachineryMachine ToolsOrnamentalPumpsValves
Thread MillingTurningThreadingInternal Forming
Alloy SteelsAluminumBrassBronze AlloysGray IronDuctile Iron
Carbon Steel
Fiberglass Reinforced PlasticNylonPlastics
Four-jaw chuckIn-House Fixturing & ToolingThree-jaw chuck
CAD Design ServicesCAM Programming ServicesCNC Control CapabilitiesMilling
Pressure Testing
Concentricity : ± 0.0005 inStraightness : ± 0.0005 in
1,500 lbs (Okuma Horizontal)3,600 lbs (Okuma Vertical)
From 1 unit to several thousand units per runPrototype to Mid Volume
6 weeksQuoted on job by job basis
(We can meet unique specifications of customers)ANSIASMEASTMISO 9001:2015Mil-Spec

Equipment Used

40-HP12 tool turret 20/2000 rpm27.6-inch swing15-inch chuckPart Size Limitation: Diameter – 24.02 inches, Length – 26 inches
30-HP12 tool turret 65/3500 rpm25-inch swing tailstock MT 510 and 15-inch chuck3-inch spindle through holePart Size Limitation: Diameter – 14 inches, Length – 26 inches
30HP32 Tool A.T.C.x-60 inchesy-28 inchesz-30 inchesPart Size Limitation: x-60 inches, y-28 inches, z-30 inches
Acer Engine Lathe17 inches x 23 inches
J.L. No. 5 Turret Lathe17 inches x 23 inches
Mattison Grinder No. 42Part Size Limitation: Table – 42 inches, Height – 30 inchesSellers Drill Grinder3-inch capacity
Acer10-inch x 50-inch table
Bullard Cutmaster VTL36-inch table and 42-inch swing
Carlton Radial Drill4-foot arm 11-inch columnNo. 4 MTCarlton Radial Drill3-foot arm9-inch column
No. 4 MTAllen Drilling Machine6 spindle (tapping on 2 stations)Clausing Drillsingle spindle
2 – Horizontal pull: 1 screw pull and 1 hydraulic pull
DisintegratorElectro Arc TapPowermatic SawSpitfire Lapping Machine (26 Table)Wells Saw
1 – Brown & Sharpe 7/10/7 Size DCC Coordinate Measuring Machine (PC-DMIS Software)
machining and turning services


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