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Leading the Charge with Green Sand Iron Castings at Plymouth Foundry

Leading the Charge with Green Sand Iron Castings at Plymouth Foundry

For nearly a century, Plymouth Foundry has been a cornerstone of innovation and quality in the green sand iron castings industry. From our historical roots at the same location, we have consistently expanded and enhanced our capabilities in producing top-tier ASTM-grade materials, including austenitic ductile iron, ductile iron, and gray iron. Learn more about our green sand iron castings.

At Plymouth Foundry, we believe in growth and adaptability. Our dedication to acquiring and retaining a highly skilled workforce, coupled with our continuous upgrades to production machinery and testing equipment, keeps us at the forefront of the casting industry. Our foundry is equipped to produce parts ranging from as light as 1 ounce to complex designs weighing up to 80 pounds, maintaining a tensile strength from 20,000 psi to a robust 120,000 psi.

Our green sand casting process is not only versatile but also sustainable. We utilize ASTM-grade materials that showcase high strength, exceptional wear resistance, and suitability for low-temperature environments and applications demanding minimal vibration transmission. This ensures that every component we craft meets the highest standards of quality and performance.