Metalcasting Outlook

North American foundry and diecasting managers and decisionmakers give the final word on industry conditions today — and the first word on their expectations for metalcasting growth and development in the coming year. Metalcasting is not an ordinary industrial market: it is sensitive to all types of economic variables (raw materials, energy, labor) as well […]

Next for Metal 3DP?

Industrial-scale metal additive manufacturing has not brought the predicted calamity for traditional manufacturers – but the effects deserve a closer look. The emergence of industrial additive manufacturing in the past decade has not been the death blow to “traditional” industrial sectors, as predicted by AM cheerleaders from the high-tech and capital markets, but nor has […]

3D Laser Scanner

HEXAGON MANUFACTURING INTELLIGENCE introduced the RS6 Laser Scanner for the new generation of Absolute Arm portable measuring arm systems launched in 2018. It offers extremely high-density point-cloud data collection at high speeds and high accuracy. The RS6 delivers productivity improvements over competing scanning solutions through the introduction of SHINE, an advanced set of algorithms that […]