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Plymouth Foundry’s Innovative Rotating Tree System Eliminates Vane Damage in Impeller Casting

Plymouth Foundry’s Innovative Rotating Tree System Eliminates Vane Damage in Impeller Casting

Summary: For organizations in the industrial pumps sector, delivering a product that meets rigorous material and quality standards is non-negotiable. When tasked to produce fully finished, gray and ductile iron impellers, Plymouth Foundry leveraged an innovative ‘rotating tree’ methodology. This approach eradicated the risk of damaging sensitive impeller vanes, commonly experienced through traditional tumbling methods. Compliant with ISO 9001:2015 and PPAP certifications, Plymouth Foundry not only met but exceeded the client’s stringent quality requirements.

Industry: Industrial Pumps Manufacturing
Category: Finished, Ready-to-Use Impeller Castings
Processes: Rotating Tree Cleaning System, Gray and Ductile Iron Casting

An Industrial Pump Company was in need of high-precision, ready-to-use impeller castings composed of gray and ductile iron. These castings come with their own set of challenges, chiefly among them the high susceptibility of vane breakage during the post-casting cleaning process. Additionally, the client required the supplier to have both ISO 9001:2015 and PPAP certifications, making the selection criteria even more stringent.

Traditional cleaning methods, such as tumbling, were out of the question due to the high risk of vane damage. To navigate this challenge, Plymouth Foundry engineered a unique solution: a rotating tree system. This setup permitted the cast impellers to be securely hung and rotated while being subjected to a steel shot cleaning process, thus ensuring the complete removal of production debris without damaging the delicate vanes.

The rotating tree system didn’t just resolve the immediate challenge; it set a new precedent for handling fragile castings in the industrial sector. The method’s success translated into zero damage, adherence to all quality and material standards, and timely project completion. The result solidified Plymouth Foundry’s reputation as a pioneer in addressing complex industrial casting challenges while adhering to stringent quality standards.