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History of aluminum die casting

History of aluminum die casting

Early in the nineteenth century, the printing industry used the first aluminum die casting component supplier machinery, which marked the beginning of die casting. The mobile product development at the time benefited from this technological advancement. Sturges received a patent in 1849 for creating the first compact hand-operated device intended for casting printing type. It made these distinctive die castings with a high degree of accuracy, innovation, and a continual process to add value to the products to manufacture various simple to complicated shapes. Otto Mergenthaler created the linotype machine in the latter part of 1855, and it soon became a popular and effective piece of machinery utilized in the printing sector.

Due to the high production level in numerous industries, there was a significant increase in the need for commercial die casting at the beginning of the 19th century. The Die Casting Industry could diversify its operations because this movement opened numerous markets. Due to the more excellent quality features produced by these goods, Aluminum and Zinc Die Casting Production replaced the original metals of Tin and Lead during this age of invention. Due to improved surface finishing techniques and productive factors, low-pressure injection die casting has been replaced by high-pressure casting.

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