For almost a century, Plymouth Foundry, Inc. has called the same location home. Here, they have continued to grow in all aspects concerning the Green Sand Castings business. That growth includes but is not limited to, acquisition and retention of highly skilled staff, upgrading their production machinery, and testing equipment. As direct result of that growth, Plymouth Foundry remains a leader in the Green Sand Iron Castings industry.

Because versatility is important, Plymouth Foundry includes austenitic ductile iron, ductile iron, and gray iron as ASTM-grade materials in the sand-casting process. Plymouth has the ability to produce components that weigh as little as 1 oz., and the ability to produce sophisticated parts that can weigh up to 80 lbs. Those same materials also have a tensile strength from 20,000 psi up to 120,000 psi. Austenitic ductile iron, ductile iron, and gray iron materials can display such characteristics as high strength, and wear resistance, they can also be used in areas of low temperature environments and in applications that require parts that are less prone to transmission of vibration.

DUCTILE IRON GRANULES and gray iron castings

Equipped with the right machines and technology, Plymouth’s Green Sand Castings foundry can handle the complex jobs. Running match plate patterns, the FBO-III Roberts SintoFlaskless automatic molding system can produce castings that can be accommodated by a 20” x 26” flask ran at an 10” maximum height. All melting is done in a pair of coreless induction electric furnaces that have a capacity of 4,000 lbs each. The Green Sand-Casting foundry is equipment with automated sand delivery and mold handing systems.

Because efficient production time (costs), is a vital part of a successful business, Plymouth’s equipment consistently regulates mold hardness to reduce core-flashing and parting lines, thus reducing secondary finishing time (costs). To ensure that all products are of the highest quality, all castings are processed in a cleaning room that is equipped with spinner blast, tumble blast, and multiple grinding stations. Custom-built patterns are stored in a well-maintained storage facility that is equipped with fire-resistant wall panels and sprinkler system.


Green Sand Iron Castings Details