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Die Casting Process Types

Die Casting Process Types

Die casting is a popular manufacturing process for the casting of metal products. There are two main die casting process types and several variations in process design. When molten metal is forced into mold cavities at high pressure, it is known as die casting. The process is best suited for speedy production of bulk metallic parts that require minimal post-production machining. The main benefits of the die casting process include:

High quality: Parts created through die casting deliver a long service life.
High reliability: Uniformity of mass-produced parts is exceptional.
Quick production: Die cast tooling requires minimal maintenance.
Versatile design: Die casting can create virtually any size, part geometry, surface texture or luster.
Minimal assembly: Assembly features such as studs, drill holes, and bosses can be integrated into mold design.
Die casting starts with the creation of a mold that can be repeatedly used in the production process. It is important to create an accurate mold for the design being produced to avoid errors and rework or scrapped material. Whether you are looking for die casting services in Europe, Asia, the United States, or elsewhere, there are die casting service providers that can assist with mold fabrication and supply production services to meet your needs.

Applications of Die Casting Processes
Die casting is a process that has far-reaching applications. Any part production process that creates high-volume metal components will likely benefit from die casting. A variety of manufacturing industries currently rely on one or many types of die casting processes, including the auto, aerospace and power tools industries.

Types of Die Casting Processes
All die casting process types are designed with the same goal in mind—cast a mold using injected molten metal. Depending on the type of melted metal, part geometry and part size, different die casting processes can deliver superior results over alternative methods. The two main types of die casting processes are hot-chamber and cold-chamber die casting. Variations on these two types of die casting include:

  • Low-pressure die casting
  • Vacuum die casting
  • Squeeze die casting
  • Semi-solid die casting

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