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Plymouth Foundry Manufactures High Quality, Spin-Blasted Bearings

Plymouth Foundry Manufactures High Quality, Spin-Blasted Bearings

Summary: Bearing solutions are ubiquitous but not universal—each application comes with its own unique set of challenges and requirements. When a global Bearing Company needed a short production run of specialized castings, they sought a foundry capable of both meeting ISO 9001:2015 and PPAP standards and delivering a quality product quickly. Plymouth Foundry not only met these criteria but also customized their processes, using green-sand molding and spin blasting to meet the customer’s specific needs—all while staying on time and within budget.

Industry: Bearings Manufacturing
Category: Short-Run Specialized Casting
Processes: Green-Sand Molding, Spin Blasting

The Bearing Company, serving diverse sectors globally, required a foundry that could offer quality assurance from start to finish that adhered to ISO 9001:2015 and PPAP standards. Besides these compliance requirements, the project had specific production stipulations: a short production run using green-sand molding and spin blasting—rather than tumblasting—to avoid surface imperfections like dings and nicks.

Plymouth Foundry’s skilled management, design, and production teams, bolstered by ISO and PPAP certifications, went to work. Leveraging their expertise in green-sand molding, they produced castings tailored to the Bearing Company’s precise specifications. For the critical finishing touch, they utilized spin blasting to ensure a defect-free surface, adhering to the customer’s unique request.

The project was a resounding success, marked by its on-time completion and adherence to budget constraints. The quality of the finished bearings met all of the customer’s stringent requirements, reinforcing Plymouth Foundry’s position as a reliable and versatile partner for specialized casting needs across industries.