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Plymouth Foundry, Inc. understands that time is an integral part in running a successful commercial parts production and components service business. Rapid Prototyping is a vital tool used in keeping that time to a minimum.  At Plymouth Foundry, Inc we utilize two methods for rapid 3-D printing prototyping.

First, we utilize our Fortus 250MC 3D plastic printer to produce cost effective patterns and coreboxes for use in prototyping or low volume production.  As an alternative we can print visual prototypes before investing in traditional tooling.  The work envelope on the Fortus 250MC is 10”L X 10”W X 12”H.

The second method of rapid prototyping utilized by Plymouth Foundry, Inc. is 3D printed molds and cores.  We work in conjunction with our supplier to expeditiously develop 3D printed molds and cores to be produced without size or geometrical constraints.  Both silica sand or ceramic sand can be utilized for producing molds and cores.

Through the rapid prototyping process, engineers can make requested changes to characteristics or casted parts after fit, tolerance, strength, form, durability, and finish have been analyzed.

Ultimately using the 3D Printing & Rapid Prototyping service, the trial and error process can be significantly reduced, resulting in saved time and money.


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