Have a project or product that requires custom attention? Plymouth Foundry believes that offering services that adds value to your project / product is the smart way to go. Some of those Added Value Services we offer are, Assembly, E-Coating, Heat Treating, and many more.

We also work closely with multiple outside vendors and toolmakers to create new patterns and core-boxes to suit your project / product needs.




Machine Shop Utilizes Forging Press to Reduce Costs of Titanium Parts

To produce complex titanium parts more cost-effectively, machine shops are increasingly incorporating advanced forging equipment to complement their existing CNC capabilities to create near-net-shaped parts that only require minimal machining. In some cases, the forging process is so precise that no additional machining is required. There are significant advantages to include forging in a machine […]

Factors that affect sand compactability

To truly understand certain aspects of sand compactability, it is important to know the simple science behind it. Let\’s get started without further ado! Do you periodically send green sand to an outside lab for testing to compare testing results? If you do, you must have noticed that their moisture content is similar to your […]

Controlling Conditions for Cupola Melting

Iron oxide threatens all iron-melting processes. In cupola melting, much greater amounts of iron oxide are produced during the normal melt cycle than are produced in electric furnace melting. This makes iron oxide’s effect much more pronounced in cupola melting. In EF melting, 20%-30% oxidation loss is the extreme of losses encountered. In cupola melting, […]

Investment Casting 101

Thousands of years ago duplicate metal structures were cast from an original sculpture by the lost-wax casting process. Investment casting is one of the oldest metal-forming techniques based on this lost-wax casting process. A beeswax pattern is coated with refractory ceramic material, which then hardens and takes the shape of the casting. The ceramic mold […]