Have a project or product that requires custom attention? Plymouth Foundry believes that offering services that adds value to your project / product is the smart way to go. Some of those Added Value Services we offer are, Assembly, E-Coating, Heat Treating, and many more.

We also work closely with multiple outside vendors and toolmakers to create new patterns and core-boxes to suit your project / product needs.




Plymouth Foundry Explores Greensand: The Power Behind Molding

Within the world of foundry, casts a spotlight on greensand, a ubiquitous molding medium formed by a blend of aggregate, clay, and water. Despite its name, greensand can appear in various hues like brown, red, or black, but the name isn’t a nod to its color. Instead, it signifies the material’s pliable, weak state in […]

Unveiling the World of Foundry Sand: Plymouth Foundry’s Overview

Foundry sand, a cornerstone of metalcasting, is brought into focus. This essential material is no ordinary sand; it’s a high-quality silica sand with uniform physical attributes. Its journey is intertwined with the annals of the ferrous and nonferrous metal casting industry, where it has played a pivotal role for centuries due to its exceptional engineering […]

Plymouth Foundry The Craft of Sand Casting: A Closer Look 

Sand casting, a time-honored metal casting process, unveils its secrets in this exploration. This craft, also known as sand molded casting, revolves around the use of sand, aptly named casting sand, as the foundational mold material. It’s not just a process; it’s an art form that yields remarkable results. Foundries, specialized factories dedicated to this […]

Plymouth Foundry Unveils the Essence of Green Sand Casting: Five Key Points

Green sand casting, a centuries-old craft, is a fascinating blend of art and science, and brings forth five key points that illuminate the essence of this process. At the heart of green sand casting lies the sand itself, a linchpin that exerts a direct influence on casting quality. The sand’s performance hinges on a delicate […]