Have a project or product that requires custom attention? Plymouth Foundry believes that offering services that adds value to your project / product is the smart way to go. Some of those Added Value Services we offer are, Assembly, E-Coating, Heat Treating, and many more.

We also work closely with multiple outside vendors and toolmakers to create new patterns and core-boxes to suit your project / product needs.




Plymouth Foundry: Navigating the Green Sand Casting Market – Insights and Future Prospects

The realm of the green sand casting market is a dynamic landscape influenced by consumer demands and technological advancements. In the report “Green Sand Casting Market Analysis and Future Prospects for 2030,” an in-depth exploration of this domain is undertaken, providing a comprehensive analysis catering to manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and investors alike. With the primary […]

Plymouth Foundry: Navigating Metal Forming – A Guide on Hot vs. Cold Forging Processes

As discussed in Thomasnet’s article “Hot Forging Vs. Cold Forging,” hot forging and cold forging represent two distinct metal forming techniques, each yielding comparable outcomes. Forging, a process of shaping metal into predetermined forms using various tools and equipment, offers options of hot, cold, or warm forging methods based on specific application requirements. Manufacturers assess […]

Plymouth Foundry: Navigating Sand Casting’s Realm – Insights on Applications and Benefits

As elucidated by IQS Directory in their article “Applications and Advantages of Sand Casting,” sand casting stands as a versatile manufacturing process embraced across various industries for its myriad applications and benefits. This method finds extensive use in producing a diverse range of components, including pump bodies, bearings, impellers, engine parts, and electronic equipment. Despite […]

Plymouth Foundry: Exploring the Depths of Metal Shaping through Forging

As elaborated in Thomasnet’s article “What is Forging?“, forging stands as a cornerstone metal shaping technique with origins tracing back to ancient Mesopotamia. Evolving over time, forging has embraced modern technologies such as forging presses and powered hammering tools, revolutionizing the process for efficiency and durability. Common materials utilized in forging encompass carbon steel, alloy […]