Have a project or product that requires custom attention? Plymouth Foundry believes that offering services that adds value to your project / product is the smart way to go. Some of those Added Value Services we offer are, Assembly, E-Coating, Heat Treating, and many more.

We also work closely with multiple outside vendors and toolmakers to create new patterns and core-boxes to suit your project / product needs.




Treating Molten Metal to Reduce Refractory Erosion

Refractory erosion in iron melting is seldom attributable to mechanical wear. Erosion generally is the aftermath of slag’s chemical attack – chemical reactions between slag and refractory – producing reaction byproducts that enter the slag. The overall effect is refractory’s effective protection layer, the thickness of the refractory lining, is continually eaten away, eventually leading […]

Investment Casting (or) Lost Wax Method

The investment casting is a wax duplicate of the desired casting created to be invested into a “Ceramic Slurry”. The slurry-covered investment can be dipped into alternating coatings of sand and slurry until a suitable thickness of the shell is achieved that can hold the molten metal after the investment is burnt out. The “Burn-Out” […]

What is Sand Casting?

Sand Casting is a solidification process. In the casting process, sand is used to build a mould, following which liquid metal is poured into the mould to form a component. Therefore, the microstructure can be finely tuned, such as grain structure, phase transformations and precipitation. However, defects such as shrinkage porosity, cracks and segregation are […]

The Future of Investment Casting is Up in the Air

The investment casting process draws a lot of attention because of its high-value products, but the technologies involved in the process are quite impressive in their own ways. Now a pilot-scale melting system is offering some promise for increasing the volumes and range of alloys for those high-value products. The FastCast concept developed by ALD […]