Have a project or product that requires custom attention? Plymouth Foundry believes that offering services that adds value to your project / product is the smart way to go. Some of those Added Value Services we offer are, Assembly, E-Coating, Heat Treating, and many more.

We also work closely with multiple outside vendors and toolmakers to create new patterns and core-boxes to suit your project / product needs.




Plymouth Foundry: Mastering Innovations in CNC Tapping

Highlighted in the article “CNC Tapping: An Introduction to the Process and Its Benefits” on Lead RP, the focus is on the fundamental concept and application of CNC tapping, particularly in the creation of threads within drilled holes using computer numerical control (CNC) machines. This process efficiently and accurately generates internal threads, essential for a […]

Green Sand vs. Other Casting Methods: Why Choose Green Sand for Iron Castings?

When it comes to creating iron castings, choosing the right casting method is crucial. Among the various options available, green sand casting stands out as a preferred choice for many foundries and manufacturers. Let’s delve into a comparison between green sand casting and other methods like investment casting and die casting to understand why it’s […]

Plymouth Foundry: Revolutionizing Mechanical Operations with Innovations in Drilling and Tapping

Highlighted in the article “Fabrication of Combine Drilling and Tapping Machine – Mechanical Project” on LearnMech, the focus lies on the integration of drilling and tapping operations for enhanced productivity in mechanical work. The development of a new performance testing system for computer numerical control (CNC) machines is a recent technical innovation, emphasizing increased productivity […]

Plymouth Foundry: Navigating Diverse Casting Processes

As detailed in the article “Casting Processes” on Engineering Product Design, metal casting stands as a foundational manufacturing process, involving the transformation of molten metal into the desired form by pouring it into a preformed mold which then solidifies to achieve the intended shape. Comprehensively versed in various casting techniques, specializes in the art of […]